The Man with the Plan – 2019!

Well, here we are in the third month of 2019, and I’m finally getting around to updating my blog. So, what *do* I have planned for this year?

Well, first of all, I’m planning to ride StP (Seattle to Portland) for the 5th time. This year is the 40th StP. They started in 1979, and only took 1 year off – in 1980, due to the Mount St. Helens eruption. 206 miles biking with 8,000 of my closest friends… and complete strangers. Seriously, there’s a LOT of riders on this ride, and you sometimes see 10, 20, 30 person pace lines. It’s insane. The last 2 times I rode it, I said that would be the last time. So, why am I riding it again? Well, in short, I’m using it as a training goal (in theory), and also because it’s the 40th StP, so it’s a “big number” year. I might ride it once more in 10 more years for the 50th one. I mean, I’ll be 60 then – so actually I might just ride StP every decade from now on, because it’ll be more badass each time then. I think it’s going to be pretty awesome this year even though I am going to remember all the reasons I hate it. (I’m really selling this, aren’t I?)

Also, the best part is I have a built-in bail out point 54 miles in, in Spanaway. If I am done, I can just put my bike on the #1 Bus, and ride back to 3 blocks from my house in Tacoma. If I didn’t ride at all between now and then, I could manage 54 miles. But I’m not going to settle for the bail-out point, I want to ride the whole thing. 206 miles to Lloyd Center in Portland. At which time I will promptly hit Burgerville for a milkshake, hang out with my Portland peeps and drink microbrews, and then grab a couple of bagels at Bowery Bagels the next morning before heading home to Tacoma.

So, what other plans do I have this year? Well, I still have a 60k word half-finished novel, and ideas for at least 3 other stories, so I’m going to write something, and continue developing my fictional space universe towards publishing at least one of a potential series of novels. We’ll see. I have high hopes, but I also have a goal of completing a novel by end of year.

Also for this year – a camping bikeshed map for the Puget Sound region, and at least 5 camping trips this year, 2-3 of which will be by bicycle. I also have a goal for a late September / early October mini- bike tour (5-9 days, probably 5. I don’t think I can sell 9 days away to my wife)

That’s it for the moment. more updates sooner or later – hopefully sooner!

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