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Training Schedule for Seattle to Portland

Well, looks like I have a pretty aggressive schedule ahead to make it on Seattle to Portland this year. 😛

WeekMileage / Day (week)Weekend Ride (1 day)
Mar 4-101030
Mar 11-171035
Mar 18-241540
Mar 25-311545
Apr 1-71540
Apr 8-141545
Apr 15-212050
Apr 22-282055
Apr 29-May 52050
May 6-122055
May 13-192560
May 20-262565
May 27-Jun 22560
Jun 3-92565
Jun 10-162570
Jun 17-232575
Jun 24-303080
Jul 1-72050
Jul 8-148206

8-9 miles of the daily rides is easy – all I have to do is ride my bike to the train station and back each day for work. It’s the longer rides on the weekend that are going to be problematic. It’s something I need to work out with Kristi (we have 2 kids under 5, and that can be a challenge), but probably that means getting up at 4am and riding then, so I can be done before 11am through mid-may, and done between noon and 2pm during that last 6 week period. I mean, there’s always going to be an option to bail, but I’d really rather not.

Although, to be honest, give me a pair of padded shorts and a tube of astroglide, and I can finish day one even as out of shape as I am. I just can’t do 2 century rides back to back right now – 100 miles would wipe me out for a week.